Jonathan Lethem Talks With Kangaroos

Here at the online home of The Space Castle comic I like to bring to attention artists who have played a large role in inspiring me to do the things I do.

One such artist is the writer Jonathan Lethem. His early works are my favorite, Gun, With Occasional Music is such an original story involving cute drugs with names like Forgetol and animals given the ability to speak and function in society. Throw in some great humor and a detective story, and it’s gold! I could gush about his works all day but I just want to give a thumbs up to one more, Amnesia Moon. Possibly my favorite of his books, the feel of this world he creates is so surreal and spooky and very humorous. I don’t want to give any plot points away obviously so let me just say that you have post apocalyptic future, mutants, canned food, fast food employees, and actors who also do the daytime soaps!


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